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Frequently Asked Questions
I want to make custom T shirt. What do I need?
There are many ways to make custom T shirts. (silk screen, iron on, vinyl, airbrush, direct printing, sublimation....) Each method all has its pro and con. The most popular and inexpensive transfer is with inkjet printed light color iron on transfer. The cost is less than 75 cents. (excludin T shirt).

I am new to T shirt tranfer. What hardwares do I need?
If you have a computer, inkjet color printer and a digital camera, then all you need is a heat press.

What are the consumables for T shirt printing?
Transfer papers and T shirts. T shirt is about $1.75 to $3.50 each. White color T shirt is less expenive. Dark color T shirts cost more. Transfer papers run about $.60 to $1 each.

Are your transfer paper good?
We have many repeat business on transfer papers. Our customers has given very good review about our light color or dark color iron on transfer papers. Our papers are commercial grade quality.

Are you a reputable store to buy from?
Our store is located in near Los Angeles. We have many repeat customers buying supplies and consumable. Our strong ebay feedbacks are the proofs of how we do treat our customers.

If my machine needs service, do I have to send it to the manufacturer to get it repaired?
No, we have spare parts and repair ability onsite. We will honor the warranty services in L.A.

Who make your heat presses? Your presses looks very similar to some of the other press in Ebay!
Our presses are made in China. That is where the similiarity stop. They are being manufactured by an OEM factory that also manufacture some of the name brand presses in United States. It is very well built, durable and strong machine. We use quality internal electrical components to ensure the reliabiity and longivity of the machines.

Can I pick up and what is your phone number?
Items purchased through Ebay are not eligible for pick up. Our store is near Rosebowl, Pasadena, CA. Because we are an internet and wholesale based business, we don't have the work force to answer phone calls on a dialy 9 to 5 schedule. If you write to us, we will answer your emails promptly. Please leave your phone number so we can contact you regarding pick up times or any questions that you may have.)

What is sublimation printing?
In simple term, it means vaporize an image printed on a paper with special type of ink onto T shirt or tile or mug.

I need to know more about sublimation printing?
Click on this link for more info mug press business.

What is the warranty?
New flat presses that are purchased through our website has 6 months warranty. Presses that are purchased through Ebay has 3 months warranty. Warranty services are at our store. Warranty does not cover the shipping charges incurred.

What about returns?
Only heat press are available for return within 30 days of purchase. Heat press must be in its original package and condition. Refund will be less shipping and 15% restocking fee applied.

Do you stock spare parts?
We stock most of the spare parts for the presses.

Do you have installation instruction with the bulk feed sublimation system?
The video instruction come with the purchase of the bulk fee system.

What kind of payment do you accept?
We use Paypal. If you do not have Paypal account, you can still pay using credit card through Paypal gateway. We also accept Money Order. Contact us regarding Money Order payment detail.

What type of substrate does sublimation ink can go on?
Sublimation ink can only vaporized and absorbed by substrate that is polyester based or treated with polyeste polymer. For example, normal 100% cotton shirt will not work. 100% polyester T shirt will work. (Hanes Softlink, Vapors Apparel).

I want to do sublimation mug press. Can a normal coffee mug work.
No, only sublimation mug will work. ( mug press business)

Do you have mug press and plate press for sublimation?
Yes, we carry plate press, commercial duty and light duty mug press.

What about the inkjet printed transfers or sublimation transfers?
Inkjet transfer paper are made by mill. Their quality and release characteristics are much more consistent. Any of our machine will have no problem with inkjet or sublimation transfers.

How about vinyl lettering transfer and rhinestone transfers?
Any of our heat press will have no problem with vinyl lettering and rhinestone transfer.

Our pricing is good for lower 48 states. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico-- contact us before so we can give you accurate pricing.

We charge 8.25% for all California shipping address and pick up purchases.

Our email address is