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Combo - 8 in 1 Swing Arm Style Combo AP-MF8

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Swings all the way around.
15 " x 15" flat Non-Stick coated heat platen for T shirt.
11 or 15 oz straight mugs, water bottle,12oz tapper and 17oz tapper mug press attachment
Cap Press attachment
4" diameter sublimation plate press attachment
6" diameter sublimation plate press attachment
Capable of high pressure loading. .
Heavy duty construction.
Easy and wide opening.
Spring load balancing design.
Digital temperature and timer gauge.
Press Temperature units measured in Fahrenheit
Max temperature equivalent to over 450 F. Adjustable (+/- 1 deg F)
Input Voltage: ~110V-~120V. Plugs into regular wall outlets.
Timer: 1 S - 999S